Industrial Solutions provides robust manufacturing services to automotive and industrial-related customers who require competitive pricing, ultra-high quality, and just in time delivery.

Our Industrial Services Include:

  • Wire Harness Assembly 

    High volume production in Mexico with development and low volume production in the US. Ability to serve various global markets.
  • Automotive Secondary Harnesses
    Performing at 0 defects and 100% delivery on a continuous basis.
  • Automotive Switch Assemblies
    Seamless integration of your switch application into wiring harness or its unique operating environment.
  • Light Industrial Assembly
    Lean manufacturing methods, process driven assembly, error proofing, inline quality systems, and preventative quality techniques.
  • Kitting & Packaging
    Complete control over every aspect of the supply chain. Capability to provide variations in size, number of components, and annual quantity, including high volume and high mix.

Use these services individually or in combination to simplify your business.

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Learn More About Industrial Solutions

At Telamon, the focus is in the details of every project. Industrial Solutions embodies this belief to the very core. The experience and industry knowledge that Telamon has ensures that every product line is crafted with the very best design and standards. To see how Telamon simplifies kitting and assembly for clients, download our case study.