Our Mission, Vision & Values

As one of the largest private companies in Indiana, we operate globally in 48 states nationwide with international locations spanning 3 continents. Telamon, which stems from the Greek word, “support”, has approximately 2,000 associates. We take special interest in the local communities where our employee base is best served. We launched the Telamon Foundation in 2014, which places emphasis on non-profit organizations that specialize in arts and education.

Telamon Corporation’s mission is to “enable connectivity that enables life”. In today’s ever evolving digital world, Telamon leads the pack by designing, building, and installing telecommunication networks enabling connectivity in all forms, from traditional mobile phone usage and connectivity in stadiums, hospitals and schools, all the way down to connected safety in our cars with the industrial manufacturing of wire harnesses for airbag and seatbelt applications.

Telamon’s vision “to be a load bearing support across generations” gets fulfilled vis a vis our mission and values concept of H2S2.

Honesty internally with our employees and shareholders and externally with our customers, vendors, and community, promotes harmony in all our relationships. Simplicity, being easy to understand or do, doesn’t always correlate to a simple path but allows us to be stewards of our resources in order to deliver for those who have entrusted us. These four values are the cornerstones of how we do business and the foundation upon which we support our customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

Welcome to Telamon

We look forward to simplifying your business.