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Game Changer: Increase Your Network’s Agility
Gain control of your complex network environment with Telamon’s expertise and Ciena’s Blue Planet analytics software.


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Agema — White Box


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Data Center Interconnect Solutions that Deserve Your Data
Secure, high-capacity and scalable Data Center Interconnect is a growing challenge. Telamon works with the industry’s top DCI vendors to provide top quality services that enable Data Center operators to scale their growth and offerings to end customers.


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Our Healthcare Network Prescription: Stay Ahead of the Game
Maintain a secure, robust, high-capacity network adhering to industry mandates. Telamon brings you Ciena’s world class solutions to ensure that your network has a clean bill of health.


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Get Amped – Leverage the Power of a Next-Gen Utilities Network
Ensure your grid is optimized for the future. Telamon works with Ciena to offer packet optical solutions that help smooth transformation to a resilient next-gen network platform.



Bandwidth demand is increasing at a record pace. How do you keep up when hardware will no longer be enough? Software is now part of the answer to your network.

With Telamon’s expertise and Ciena’s Blue Planet analytics software, you can put increased agility into your network and gain greater control over an increasingly complex network environment.

We can help deliver on the promise of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) by helping you:

  • Increase monetization of your network
  • Achieve faster time-to-market with new services
  • Gain greater network visibility and efficiency
  • Reduce costs

With Blue Planet, your network is:

  • Cheaper to build and maintain: One white box replaces dozens of expensive boxes
  • Faster to deploy: Dynamically assign, provision and automate your network
  • Easier to manage: Open source components and platform independent

Learn more about SDN and NFV technology.

Contact Telamon’s expert team to learn about the power of SDN and NFV technology, and how to build a fully integrated platform for your company or your customers.

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