At Telamon Enterprise Ventures energy is our business and our mission is to help customers to become the most efficient consumers of energy and to control, lower and hedge cost by generating solar energy. Telamon Enterprise Ventures develops platforms allowing customers to take control over costs and the ability to produce clean renewable energy for decades to come. Let Telamon Enterprise Ventures show you how to treat energy as an asset.

Our Energy Services Include:


Learn how to reduce your energy cost and consumption with a no-cost energy analysis that will positively impact your company and its bottom line.

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We provide recommendations on sustainable practices that increase your energy independence through utilizing renewable and/or self-generated energy.

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We analyze and forecast energy consumption and costs while creating sustainability goals for your company based on history of energy use.

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Markets served include Fortune 1000, manufacturing, municipality, university, property management, government, and airports.

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Telamon is your preferred partner for smart energy and sustainable products and solutions. Telamon’s Energy Solutions focuses on helping your company improve overall energy efficiency while you focus on the bottom line. To learn more about how we save companies like yours time and effort, download the Energy Solutions case study below.

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