Industrial Wire Harness Supplier Terms

The following links are to common documents referenced in the global Telamon Industrial Wire Harness Purchase Orders.  If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact your Telamon Buyer or Planner.

  • Packaging and Identification (Label) Requirements – This defines the packaging and identification label requirements for Telamon suppliers.  Although suppliers are responsible for designing their own packaging, Telamon has very specific label requirements that follow automotive industry specs.  Telamon reserves the right to assist in developing acceptable or specific packaging in certain circumstances.
  • Supplier Scorecard Ratings Overview – We recognize our suppliers are a key contributor to the overall success of our business.  Telamon is committed to respond and meet its customers’ needs with quality products and services, on time delivery and a competitive total cost.  We believe by collaborating with our suppliers and providing feedback with a comprehensive supplier scorecard process, we can successfully accomplish this goal. 
  • Supplier Request for Engineering Approval (SREA) – An SREA is to be completed and submitted to Telamon Quality and/or Procurement for any changes made to a previously PPAP approved component.  The changes may include, but are not limited to, a new component revision, new or modified tooling, a manufacturing process change impacting the component or a new or additional manufacturing location.  The change cannot be made prior to receiving a Telamon approved SREA and the changed component cannot be shipped without a Telamon approved PPAP.
  • Supplier Release Material Authorization – Telamon North America sites emails or transmits via EDI a “Supplier Releases and Material Authorization Form” to each of its suppliers on a weekly basis by end of day on Tuesday.  Each emailed release supersedes the previous release, and any changes must be addressed accordingly.  Suppliers should view the past due and week one requirement as immediate needs at Telamon, and apply the balance of the weekly requirements as forecast and planned shipments.  The weekly requirements represent the quantity to be delivered to Telamon. The requirements do not represent a ship date, but delivery date.  Telamon Europe site emails or transmits via EDI a PO Release and an Open PO and Forecast Report to each of its suppliers on a weekly basis by end of day on Tuesday.  If a weekly Supplier Release and Material Authorization (NA) or PO Release and an Open PO and Forecast Report (EUR) is not received, please contact your respective Planner immediately.
  • Telamon Industrial Terms and Conditions

Click on the links above to download the latest Telamon Industrial Supplier Information in PDF format.  Note some links may require you to right click and choose “Save As..” to download.