Wire Harness & Former Westbrook Suppliers

The following criteria is used to evaluate Telamon’s suppliers on an ongoing basis. These measurables are only a few of the requirements of our supply base, but certainly are some of the most important.

Delivery Performance

  • 95-100% = Preferred Supplier
  • 85-94% = Needs Improvement
  • 70-84% = Probationary – CAR Issued
  • <70% Probationary = CAR issued & opportunities reviewed

Quality Performance – DPPM

  • <25 = Preferred Supplier
  • >25 = Needs Improvement

Price Reductions Per Year

  • >5% = Preferred Supplier
  • .1-4.9% = Needs Improvement
  • 0% = Probationary – resourcing opportunities reviewed

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Quality Plus Manual Addendum to IATF16949

Telamon’s purchasing group is the supplier’s first line of communication and permission-granting authority whenever components or services are contracted and are provided to Telamon. Telamon Purchasing coordinates supplier information and provides the appropriate Telamon support activity to the supplier, while relying upon the supplier’s expertise with regard to manufacturing and quality of the product.

The Supplier Quality Activity (SQA) within Telamon, Purchasing and Quality Assurance, administers the supplier quality requirements and is the supplier’s primary source for product quality related issues.

Suppliers are expected to meet the requirements of ISO-9000: 2008 or IATF16949: 2016, and the requirements stated herein. These requirements are in addition to, and do not replace or supersede any of the purchase order, engineering drawing, or specification requirements, or relieve the supplier of exercising independent expertise and skill in providing products and services to Telamon.

Supplier Material Release Manual

Telamon faxes or e-mails a “Supplier Release and Material Authorization Form” to each of its suppliers every Tuesday unless otherwise noted. Supplier contacts should call Telamon’s Dayton Ohio location if they have not received a release by Wednesday morning. Each faxed or e-mailed release supersedes the previous release, and any changes should be addressed accordingly. Suppliers should view the past due and first week’s requirement as immediate needs at Telamon and apply the balance of the weekly requirements as forecast and planned shipments.

Telamon has established a pull system with some suppliers. These suppliers should use the “Supplier Release and Material Authorization Form” as a forecast only and ship to the actual signals sent by Telamon at the determined intervals (daily, weekly). Please see “Sample #2″ in the PDF below for an example of a Telamon pull signal.

Supplier Packaging and Identification Requirements

  • Suppliers are responsible or designing their own packaging. Telamon reserves the right to assist in developing acceptable or specific packaging in certain circumstances.
  • Standard packs must be established and used. Multiples of standard packs must be used to meet Telamon material control release quantities.
  • All containers must be adequately secured to pallets. Stretch film or non-metallic strapping (at least two bands) are recommended.
  • Manually handled cartons maximum allowable weight is 40 lbs.
  • Manually handled cartons must have two labels per container on adjoining sides.
  • All material must be identified with a bar code label (refer to bar code label requirements in section 4).
  • Click here for Supplier Packaging and Identification Requirements.