Wire Harness Suppliers

Here at Telamon, we recognize our suppliers are a key contributor to the overall success of our business.  Telamon is committed to respond and meet its customers’ needs with quality products and services, on time delivery and a competitive total cost.  We believe by collaborating with our suppliers and providing feedback with a comprehensive supplier scorecard process, we can successfully accomplish this goal.

The Telamon supplier scorecard is used to select, assess, and develop suppliers to ensure products meet our requirements for quality, delivery, cost and responsiveness.  The scorecard contains 6 metrics with ratings and weights to determine a monthly score, as outlined below.  The monthly goal is a total score of 90+ points, which is defined as a green preferred rating.  A yellow provisionary rating is a score of 80-89 points and a probationary red score is less than 80 points.

1. Number and Category of Quality Incidents – The incidents will be classified as A-Major, B-Medium, C-Minor and are rated at follows.  Points will be based on lowest value.

  1. Green – ≤2 minor incidents, 40 points max
  2. Yellow – 3 minor incidents or 1 medium incident, 15 points max
  3. Red – >3 minors, ≥1 medium or ≥1 major incident, 0 points

2. Defective Parts per Million (DPPM) – This is based on the number of pieces “rejected” on site.

  1. Green – <25 DPPM, 10 points max
  2. Yellow – 25-100 DPPM, 5 points max
  3. Red – >100 DPPM, 0 points

3. On-Time Delivery (OTD) – Based on the number of shipments delivered on-time divided by the total shipments received.

  1. Green – >98%, 30 points max
  2. Yellow – 95-98%, 15 points max
  3. Red – <95%, 0 points

4. Lead Time – This is a bit different than the traditional Lead Time calculation.  It represents the number of “frozen” weeks on the 20 week material releases.  If no frozen weeks exist, the value is 1 week.

  1. Green- 1 week, 5 points max
  2. Yellow – 2 weeks, 3 points max
  3. Red – >2 weeks frozen on material release requirements, 0 points

5. Productivity – The amount of total savings divided by the total spend.

  1. Green – >3%, 10 points max
  2. Yellow – 1-3%, 5 points max
  3. Red – <1%, 0 points

6. Customer Service – Grades the responsiveness to requests and due dates such as RFQs, NCR Corrective Actions, PPAP and any Commercial Issues.

  1. Green – ≤1 issue, 5 points max
  2. Yellow – 2 issues, 3 points max
  3. Red – ≥3 issues, 0 points

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions


Click here for PO Terms and Conditions.

Quality Plus Manual Addendum to IATF16949


Telamon’s purchasing group is the supplier’s first line of communication and permission-granting authority whenever components or services are contracted and are provided to Telamon. Telamon Purchasing coordinates supplier information and provides the appropriate Telamon support activity to the supplier, while relying upon the supplier’s expertise with regard to manufacturing and quality of the product.

The Supplier Quality Activity (SQA) within Telamon, Purchasing and Quality Assurance, administers the supplier quality requirements and is the supplier’s primary source for product quality related issues.

Suppliers are expected to meet the requirements of ISO-9000: 2015 or IATF16949: 2016, and the requirements stated herein. These requirements are in addition to, and do not replace or supersede any of the purchase order, engineering drawing, or specification requirements, or relieve the supplier of exercising independent expertise and skill in providing products and services to Telamon.

Click here for the Quality Plus Manual.

Click here for the Supplier Request for Engineering Approval.

Click here for the Conflict Minerals Policy.

Supplier Material Release Manual


Telamon emails a “Supplier Releases and Material Authorization Form” to each of its suppliers on a weekly basis.  Supplier should contact Telamon if they have not received a release by Thursday afternoon.  Each emailed release supersedes the previous release, and any changes must be addressed accordingly.  Suppliers should view the past due and week one requirement as immediate needs at Telamon, and apply the balance of the weekly requirements as forecast and planned shipments.  The weekly requirements represent the quantity to be delivered to Telamon.  The requirements do not represent a ship date, but delivery date.

Please note the following guidelines regarding the Supplier Releases and Material Authorization Form.

  • Do not ship Product without authorization as outlined in the Supplier Releases. It will be returned at your expense.
  • Do not ship ahead of schedule. A shipment received earlier than 5 days prior to the week it is due is considered Early, not On-Time, and will not be counted as an on-time delivery in the supplier performance evaluation.
  • Shipments should be made with a Telamon authorized carrier, per the Telamon Route Guide, to arrive at Telamon during the week it is required.

Click here for the Supplier Material Release Manual.

Supplier Packaging and Identification Requirements


  • Suppliers are responsible for designing their own packaging. Telamon reserves the right to assist in developing acceptable or specific packaging in certain circumstances.
  • Standard packs must be established and used. Multiples of standard packs must be used to meet Telamon material control release quantities.
  • All containers must be adequately secured to pallets. Stretch film or non-metallic strapping (at least two bands) are recommended.
  • Manually handled cartons maximum allowable weight is 40 lbs.
  • Manually handled cartons must have two labels per container on adjoining sides.
  • All material must be identified with a bar code label (refer to bar code label requirements in section 4).

Click here for Supplier Packaging and Identification Requirements.