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Telamon specializes in simplifying networks for companies of various sizes across many verticals. No matter the industry, we are committed to lowering costs, optimizing operations, and increasing visibility into end-to-end needs for your business. Learn how our tailored, turnkey solutions accomplish that for our customers within the following industries:


As one of the top operating territory vendors for a Tier 1 wireline and wireless carrier, Telamon is well-versed in next-gen equipment, latest business best practices and industry trends for telecom customers. With industry-leading certifications and decades of experience serving telecom service provider clients, we will have your business operations running more efficiently and profitably in no time.

State & Local Government

Lowering costs through streamlining operations is especially important for government institutions, which have a fixed and often low budget for IT initiatives. As a certified MBE, Telamon can offer flexible pricing, and we specialize in designing customized solutions that fit your budget, timeline and needs.


With the number of connected devices skyrocketing, campus IoT initiatives also on the rise and EdTech becoming more top-of-mind for students and administrators alike, education IT is in flux. Telamon collaborates with education institutions to customize scalable and cost-effective solutions that will simplify networks now and in the future.


The importance of network security and scalability for healthcare institutions cannot be understated. Telamon works alongside hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and more to increase visibility across the network to first identify, then tackle, network challenges.


Efficiency is gold for the manufacturing industry; luckily, this is where Telamon’s expertise lies. Our tailored solutions lower costs, optimize operations and increase visibility across your network.


Our utility customers cherish reliability, scalability and efficiency when it comes to their networks, and we help to optimize all three. With years of experience serving the unique needs of utility clients, we can work within your budget and timeline to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

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Telamon is an industry leader in providing comprehensive, turnkey telecom solutions to its clients. Telamon is trusted by companies of every size and across many verticals to build and manage a network that they can rely on. Download our case study or contact us to learn more about how Telamon can simplify your network.

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