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Configuration Assembly & Integration

Configuration Assembly & Integration

Telamon offers a full spectrum of integration services leveraging the latest advancements in logistics, supply chain, and inventory management.

With capacity for 60,000 fully built and integrated cabinets per year, Telamon eliminates time, risk, cost, and complexity in data center and central office deployments.

We collaborate with 50+ original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and product vendors to ensure that our cabinets are created using the best hardware for your business needs. We offer more than 50 unique configurations, all custom designed to meet our customers’ requirements exactly.

Our integration services offer the following value adds:

  • Standardized configurations prepared in a controlled environment with quality processes and metrics
  • Centralized purchasing of materials, which drives/ensures product standardization
  • Ability to audit various configurations in one centralized facility rather than traveling to multiple installation sites
  • Fully assembled systems shipped “just in time”
  • Eliminates the need for a local warehouse to receive and store material
  • Eliminates the need for someone to coordinate and receive shipments from multiple OEMs
  • Early identification of defective equipment ensures installations are competed on time
  • Centralized assembly/testing ensures early detection of any quality issues associated with OEM products
  • Cost to provide rack integration is offset by reduced field installation time/cost