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DAS Challenges Faced by Corporate Campuses

Modern corporate campuses provide an attractive, exclusive environment for workers, designed to promote company culture, create a sense of community and increase employee retention. However, the way these facilities are designed can present challenges when it comes to connectivity. Telamon Wireless can review any potential DAS challenges on corporate campuses to ensure successful communication.

Distributed Antenna System Challenges at Corporate Campuses

For large facilities, constant communication is a necessity in today’s fast-paced business environment. Below are some of the specific DAS challenges large facilities face. In this blog, Telamon Wireless discusses ways to improve connectivity at your facility.

How It’s Built Matters

Corporate businesses can span multiple buildings with hundreds of walls and other barriers that block cellular signals. Building materials and products like wire mesh and concrete, along with low-emissive glass and radiant barriers, can restrict signal coverage within a campus setting.

Our engineers can develop a comprehensive design that addresses these construction concerns to implement a system that will provide the connectivity your employees and customers rely on. 

Safety Concerns

Creating a safe environment is critical to the success and security of any corporate campus and its employees. Our engineers design corporate campus distributed antenna systems to solve connectivity issues to improve employee safety as well as facility security.

Distributed Antenna System Wireless Solutions from Telamon

With the right DAS design, Telamon Wireless can implement a system that helps your facility overcome these issues. Learn more about our custom DAS design solutions for corporate campuses when you contact us today.