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DAS Design Considerations

The design phase for a DAS (distributed antenna system) is crucial to the overall implementation process. Telamon Wireless works closely with its clients during the design process to ensure all of their facility’s needs are met.

Facility Coverage and Capacity Demands

A firm grasp of the facility type is necessary to begin working on designing a DAS network. Facilities have widely different coverage and capacity needs based on their purpose and those they serve. With information collected about the facility, Telamon’s engineers are able to begin to determine the DAS’s sectorization, OEM and handover zones.

Construction Modeling

As materials used in construction have an effect on signal propagation, DAS design considerations need complete information regarding facility floor plans, Auto CAD models and materials lists. With this information, DAS designers can accurately model the facility, accounting for different spaces within, including meeting rooms and multipurpose facilities. It’s important to identify the spaces that utilize building materials unique to that specific area, as alterations must be made to accommodate DAS coverage in these zones. Space constraints, the grade of the facility’s levels and the location and proximity of neighboring structures all must be considered in order to effectively design a DAS.

Adaptable for Future Needs

With future needs so important to DAS system design, designers must have the ability and forethought to look beyond today’s demands and envision future demands and concepts. Designing systems that utilize flexible architecture creates an easily adaptable framework for the future growth of the system.

Designers can gain guidance through wireless service providers (WSPs) who share growth roadmaps. By collaborating in this manner, DAS designs are able to accommodate future possibilities.

Minimizing the Undesirable

Interference greatly detracts from a DAS’ performance. Interference sources require identification during the design phase to determine what design elements are necessary to deliver optimal performance. Because removal is not always possible, designers need to be prepared to harness the available technology to work around these obstacles.

DAS Design with Telamon

Telamon Wireless collaborates with our clients to design and engineer custom DAS solutions that hit the marks on all DAS design considerations. Aiming for the best possible coverage, capacity and performance, we are prepared to deliver solutions from start to finish that meet your needs now and over time. Contact Telamon Wireless today to learn more.