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DAS Installation Challenges

A distributed antenna system, or DAS, is installed to boost wireless signals across indoor and outdoor spaces where signals are typically obstructed. While this sounds like a perfect solution for any business stuck in a dead zone, there are challenges that can cause setbacks when implementing a DAS.

Telamon Wireless explains a few common DAS installation challenges building owners face and what can be done to overcome them. To learn more about DAS for your building or business, we’d love to speak with you – contact Telamon Wireless today.

Not Enough Budget, Not Enough Time

A lack of budget and time are two common barriers that can greatly affect DAS planning, layout and more.

There are a few different methods that can be used to create a DAS solution, depending on the client’s needs. However, limitations concerning budget and time have to be taken into account during the design phase. Budget and time restrictions can constrain us in such a way that only the most cost effective and easiest to install configurations can be considered, even if something else would work better.

To avoid DAS installation issues caused by budget and time limitations, we recommend planning for your needs as early as possible. DAS solutions don’t have to wait until a facility is complete, and they shouldn’t if the budget could be tapped into and reduced by other construction expenses. Speak with providers early on so they are able to assess your needs and help you plan your budget and timeline around what is necessary to deliver the results you desire. Telamon Wireless offers financing to qualified customers on DAS installation projects. Ask us how to make the most out of your budget dollars.

Some Things Just Don’t Change

There are several causes of interference, including physical barriers (building construction) and frequency interference – when another device’s signal overpowers or corrupts the signal from your device. Through proven testing and data collection, Telamon Wireless, for example, can zero in on interference during the design phase. Any interference that could arise and affect coverage must be identified so a solution can be worked out. Sometimes, the solution is to nix the interference – though most of the time – that’s just not possible. The best solution is learning how to deal with it through system design.

If a source of interference cannot be pinpointed, automatic detection must be utilized. We have to know what we are dealing with in order to develop solutions that work. While the permanence of some interference sources poses DAS installation challenges to designers, they can adapt solutions that perform effectively in spite of them.

DAS Installation with Telamon

Telamon Wireless develops custom distributed antenna system solutions that overcome installation challenges mentioned above, as well as the other obstacles your business faces in implementation. Let’s get started today – contact us now to discuss your options.