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Deploying Healthcare Wireless Networks

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on wireless for patient care, in treatment and in accessing information. Reliability is of the utmost concerns when deploying healthcare wireless networks, as lives hang in the balance. Learn about the unique challenges faced in installing wireless networks and how to overcome them with the help of Telamon Wireless.

Total Coverage and Connectivity

Healthcare professionals need to be connected wherever they go on a healthcare campus, which means these facilities require total coverage and connectivity. However, hospitals and other healthcare facilities often present barriers that make wireless network deployment a challenge, such as:

  • Building materials and facility design block signal
  • Conflicting signals from nearby networks
  • Coverage for traditional building dead zones, such as stairwells


In many cases, installing wireless networks at hospitals involves retrofit applications to fit existing buildings. These projects can take years to fully complete due to the physical limitations present in a facility. New healthcare facilities typically do not face as many challenges in network deployment, as the structure can be designed from the initial stages to best facilitate wireless coverage and connectivity.

Planning for Proper Capacity and Device Prioritization

Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize a number of connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) tools, from biomedical devices to monitors to imaging equipment. A single room holds around 15 to 20 devices, with nearly all of them connected to the network. With multiple rooms in just one area, the number of connected devices adds up quick before you even add in provider and unit laptops, computers and smartphones.

Of the connected devices found in healthcare settings, their communications must also be prioritized when planning capacity for wireless networks. The network must be able to support all devices even when traffic is high, as well as prioritize the signals they are sending to determine the most urgent actions.

Network Maintenance

Hospitals operate around the clock and cannot afford network downtime for maintenance. At any given time, critical care is being provided, and the facility cannot afford network outages. When deploying healthcare wireless networks, a focus should be placed on preventative maintenance to avoid downtime.

When updates need to be made, it’s not as simple to do as in your average business environment. Scheduling replacement of network components is difficult due to the unpredictability of facility usage. It is important to watch for patterns to spot low activity periods that may be used for necessary maintenance with minimal disruption to facility operations.

Overcome Challenges Deploying Healthcare Wireless Networks with Telamon

Strategic partnerships with wireless vendors are an asset to hospitals and healthcare facilities when deploying healthcare wireless networks. This expertise helps facilities best identify obstacles unknown to IT departments and engineer solutions that overcome specific wireless challenges.

Telamon Wireless helps hospitals address connectivity issues and other challenges in deploying wireless networks. Schedule a consultation today and learn how our solutions benefit your facility.