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How Much Does a DAS Cost?

In today’s connected world, businesses rely on cellular signals for their success. Ensuring reliable communication in commercial buildings often means a distributed antenna system (DAS) is necessary. The cost of a DAS is an important factor in any building construction or upgrade. Telamon Wireless explains the variables that give businesses a better picture of the required investment.

Active Versus Passive

There are two types of DAS used in commercial facilities – active and passive. The right system depends on the size and type of facility, which impacts the cost of a DAS.

Active DAS is typically recommended for larger facilities. These facilities have high traffic and deliver up to 99 percent improved cellular signal strength. Active DAS produces digital signals by converting a carrier network’s radio frequency signals and distributing the signal throughout the building, providing enhanced coverage.

Passive DAS is often recommended in smaller facilities, though systems can be expanded to work in larger facilities. Signal amplifiers are used to produce improved wireless coverage in facilities such as retail units, apartment buildings and other business facilities with smaller coverage areas.

Public Safety Frequencies

The cost of a distributed antenna system can be affected if there’s a public safety requirement for the facility by your local jurisdiction. The 700-800 MHz public safety frequencies are typically easiest to amplify with a distributed antenna system, so they are typically less expensive. If the jurisdictional requirements include VHF or UHF, solutions are more complex and the costs increase.

Infrastructure Requirements

One of the main drivers in cost is the required infrastructure. The more equipment and cabling that must be installed, the higher the cost. Whether or not the facility has existing infrastructure or a retrofit is required makes a difference. Contact Telamon Wireless to learn how to upgrade your existing systems today. Not only can we assist with your new installation, we can also find opportunities to upgrade older, existing systems.

Find Out How Much a DAS System Costs for Your Facility

Telamon Wireless specializes in deploying distributed antenna system solutions for facilities of all sizes. Let us work together to determine your facility’s needs and give you an accurate idea of DAS costs for your facility. Request a consultation today to speak with a Telamon Wireless representative. Telamon Wireless offers financing to qualified customers on DAS installation projects. Ask us how to make the most out of your budget dollars.