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Benefits of In-Building DAS

In-building distributed antenna systems (DAS) offers many advantages in communications and operations. Learn how installation of in-building DAS benefits your business facility.

What Is In-Building DAS?

Commercial buildings are built from various materials that block cell signals indoors, making communications difficult or sluggish in certain areas of a facility. To combat this issue, in-building distributed antenna systems are utilized.

An in-building DAS involves the strategic placement and installation of antennas throughout a building to improve cellular coverage throughout. In some applications, donor antennas are installed on a building’s rooftop to pull cell signals from a nearby tower, which is then distributed to the antennas located throughout the facility. Thus, the cell signal bypasses the radio frequency obstructing materials present in the building. Or in other applications, a dedicated signal source delivers cell signal throughout the in-building DAS. Small cells are also used as DAS signal sources, featuring a smaller footprint at a lower price point.

Reliable Communications

The expanded communications delivered through reliable cellular signals throughout a building have great impacts on business operations. Communications are quicker and conducted clearly, data is transferred without delays and interruptions due to signal loss are avoided. 

Installation of in-building DAS also improves facility safety. Reliable cellular coverage is always available, allowing anyone to place emergency calls when needed, from any location in the building.

DAS Flexibility

In-building DAS is a scalable solution that can be adapted and expanded according to the size and shape of the building. This solution delivers improved cellular service across areas that typically experience coverage challenges, such as high-rise buildings, hospitals, college campuses and more. When connected via fiber, a DAS can also deliver Wi-Fi access points at each antenna.

In addition to installation flexibility, in-building DAS offers provider flexibility. Through connection via an operator’s base station, the DAS works with one or multiple wireless operators.

Property Marketability

Cellular signal and Wi-Fi are considered necessary utilities by business operations and consumers alike. It’s expected when seeking out a location to lease. Improved coverage within a location, such as a retail shopping center, attracts consumers, helping to transform a facility into prime real estate.

In-building DAS offers enhanced connectivity throughout a facility, making the property more attractive to potential tenants and buyers as well as customers and employees. Building owners benefit from DAS installation through increased property values and enhanced leasing rates. 

As the number of connected devices used in business and everyday life continues to grow along with the deployment of 5G networks, in-building DAS helps property owners ready facilities for the communication and connectivity needs of tomorrow. As facilities grow and expand, so can DAS systems.

Explore In-Building DAS with Telamon

Telamon Wireless designs and installs turnkey in-building DAS solutions for our clients to deliver the best coverage, capacity and performance. Our solutions address your unique needs while fitting within the parameters of your budget. Learn more about our in-building DAS solutions when you request a consultation today.