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What Businesses Need to Know About 5G

5G represents fifth-generation cellular wireless, designed to provide improvements over the former 4G service. This technology brings about changes that greatly affect business operations for the better. Telamon Wireless discusses what businesses need to know about 5G, including hardware requirements and new capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of 5G?

The introduction and expansion of 5G cellular service means changes for businesses across the globe. 5G unlocks the door to possibilities unseen with previous wireless service, which could help businesses expand and thrive. Some of the benefits, include:

Faster Speeds for Users

5G is a viable alternative to fixed-line broadband service. 5G enhances speeds and bandwidth for local network Internet connections – improving business network experience with speeds 10 to 100 times faster than through 4G networks. Key changes brought about by 5G include:

  • Larger channels improve connection speeds
  • Reduced latency allows for faster response times
  • More devices are able to connect at once

Expanded Capabilities

Another element of what businesses need to know about 5G is how their possibilities will expand with implementation. Experts expect that virtually all industries will be impacted in some way by 5G network deployment. The improved capabilities of 5G provide new potential when it comes to:

  • High-resolution video
  • Faster streaming speeds
  • Industrial automation
  • Virtual reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Smart devices and sensors


With 5G networks, businesses can launch new services and applications not possible with previous generations of wireless service. As 5G network deployment increases, businesses will develop new ways to connect with consumers and capitalize off advancements.


5G networks are a true alternative to wired networks and the limitations they come with. Businesses will gain more flexibility with truly wireless 5G operation. 5G makes it possible for satellite offices to operate in areas that previously were without coverage and expand telecommuting opportunities to reach new pools of talent and enhance employment flexibility. 

The ability to work on the go is also improved. 5G provides reliable networks with faster speeds that will make working from a plane, train or car possible in ways it isn’t today.

Carriers are also able to reach more customers through 5G. Users demand faster speeds, yet fiber optic service isn’t available in all areas. With 5G, consumer demands can be met at lower costs without the need for investment in fiber optic infrastructure.

Hardware Expenses

Businesses will need to upgrade hardware in order to take advantage of what 5G has to offer. Budget planning for these improvements should begin today. Hardware with 5G compatibility is likely to be more expensive than models currently on the market. Company cell phones will require upgrades to new 5G-compatible models to utilize this technology.

Prepare to Harness 5G with Telamon

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