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Multi-tenant Buildings

Multi-Tenant Buildings

Tenants of high rise buildings, or multi-tenant buildings are seeing wireless coverage as a mandatory utility. Trends including bringing your own device to work and most content providers enabling consumption of content on a phone or tablet as easy as TV or laptop are driving the requirement for multi-tenant buildings of all types to have connectivity plan.   Whether the building is an office building or a condominium / apartment structure, frequency issues and construction materials cause diminished service and user dissatisfaction.

Telamon has the carrier relationships, engineering knowledge and experience to provide ubiquitous coverage and capacity for your space to support tenant retention and attract new tenants. We take pride in our ability to work with you, the customer, in providing the solution that is right for you. With decades of experience between our design engineers, field engineers, project managers, and leadership, you can be sure that Telamon will provide the right solution, at the right price, with the optimal service you expect.

* Data estimation derived from Ericsson