Telecom Wireless


Wifi Design

Network congestion and the need for off-loading strategies aren’t limited to cellular traffic. Exploding data demand requires new technological solutions.

Telamon has provided Wi-Fi design and support services for over 15 years. While Wi-Fi portfolios were just beginning to develop, Telamon provided OEM technical support services to hardware vendors and their customers. Telamon has evolved to provide design and integration support. Due to varying requirements in deployment and design solutions, we pride ourselves on being flexible to meet a customer’s desires and schedules. We are capable of providing assistance with any scale of WLAN deployment, from large multi-building campus environments to a small single office workspace. We also have experience with a variety of OEMs to find a solution that best suits the customer and the client devices receiving service.

Current Telamon projects include designing and installing a WIFI network for a professional basketball team and a hospital campus.