Telecom Wireless


We Know Wireless

Densification is the focus in the industry for the next 5 years. Our clients need to move faster, have more cost effective projects, and work with a partner who is flexible enough to adjust on the fly. Our flexibility mitigates unidentified issues associated with implementing telecommunications networks.

Telamon has hundreds of highly experienced; OEM trained & certified engineers, field technicians and project managers working on Outdoor and Indoor densification projects.

OUTDOOR:  We know macro sites, rooftops and small cell sites.   Whether the work is directly for a Wireless Carrier, participating in the process with a Tower company, or providing project help within a bigger project, Telamon brings 25 years of wireless experience to provide speed, quality, and expertise to the project.

  • Pre-Construction: Telamon’s A&E and Site Acquisition services are completed by our in-house Professional Services Organization, which includes, civil and electrical engineers, Project Managers, Site Acquisition Managers and SMEs in design, leasing, permitting and zoning. We specialize in medium and large projects, combining local support with profound project leadership and a state of the art facility. Telamon has a proven track record to meet Customer’s deadlines with a complete, accurate project the first time, every time.
  • Construction and commissioning: From stealth small cell installations to macro site cabinets and huts, we combine installation, power and safety experience to complete new sites and augment capacity at existing sites.   We use bucket trucks and man-lifts to install the antennas on utility and light poles, side of buildings, and rooftops.    Once the system is installed, our experts work with the carrier to integrate/commission the site.

INDOOR:  We know venues, multi-tenant skyscrapers, indoor/outdoor government environments, higher education campuses and warehouses that can fit multiple jumbo jets.   We have designed over 4,500 indoor locations and installed over 1,800 indoor networks.   We are experienced in working with JMA, Corning, Ericsson DOT, Spidercloud, and CommScope

  • Design & Project Planning: With IBWave and RanPlan design engineers, Cellular and Wi-Fi designs come complete with pathways and equipment location, while our propagation studies make it possible to avoid the dead zones and signal loss that cause wireless connectivity problems.  Even particularly difficult design challenges, such as ensuring that a location has the capability to host a cable television headend facility, are no problem for the experts at Telamon Wireless.
  • Construction & Integration: After we complete our design, our expert build team serves as a turnkey general contractor for headend builds, complete RF infrastructures and power plant construction.  We even act as GC for headend room expansion, managing all the trades (power, HVAC, framing/drywall, security) necessary to complete the project.  As construction winds down, we perform system integrity testing to make sure clients receive the level of service and coverage designed into the plan.

Following installation, our in-house engineers can offer complete system optimization and turn up using their iterative optimization model. We make changes, examine the results, and continue iterating on our optimization techniques until we have perfected the system. This means testing under stress; it does no good to tweak a system that is not loaded with traffic, so we tune our systems under a full load.